The Cultural Agility Fund:
Supporting Out-of-the-Classroom Experiences
The Cultural Agility Fund is a restricted fund dedicated to support all out-of-the-classroom experiences such as special guests visits, performances, presentations, exhibits, field trips, local outings, national and international trips, and possible future student exchanges. It was launched at the 2014 Gala to respond to an increasing need for additional funds to subsidize the cost of all outside-of-the classroom experiences.

Launching a special fund restricted to financing these experiences benefiting all FASPS students not only ensures the sustainability of this very important component of our program, but also allows us to continue creating new opportunities for all students.
« Pour moi, l'agilité culturelle c’est la façon dont mes enfants ont déployé leurs ailes bien au-delà du nid français qui est le leur. C’est le plaisir de voir nos 4 enfants qui, riches de toutes ces expériences, sont prêts à voler en confiance et avec plaisir vers d’autres horizons. Merci à FASPS d’avoir aiguisé leur curiosité et ouvert toutes ces portes ! »
“Cultural Agility is the awareness and acceptance of different perspectives in experiencing the world, its diversity, and complexity.”

Continuing to Grow:

Our Cultural Agility Fund continues to grow thanks to all the fundraising activities that the FASPS Parent Committee (FPC) organizes, such as their weekly bread sales, the FASPS store, and other activities. Other easy ways to support this fund include:

If you shop with Amazon, you have a new opportunity to support FASPS! Click here to select FASPS as the beneficiary of .5% of the purchase price of eligible items you buy from the site. Please email us if you have any questions.

SwopBoard is an online community marketplace where parents can easily sell things your kids no longer use, and within our trusted school network. The best part is that a portion of each sale (10% minimum) goes directly to FASPS! It is a fast, easy way to sell things, like sporting equipment, textbooks, bikes, furniture, or clothes. You can sell almost anything on SwopBoard, keeping gently used items out of the landfill, de-cluttering your home, while benefitting our school. To start now, go to www.swopboard.com and sign up. The more you use it, the more money goes back to FASPS!
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