History & Geography in Grade 6 | 6ème

History & Geography Class in Grade 6 Meets Two Times / Week (Instruction in French)

Content (History):
  • Orient oneself in time and space : cut the time off, use of timelines and maps.
  • The First humans : early humans and the Neolithic revolution
  • Ancient Orient : first ities, first states and first writing
  • Ancient Greece, Rome and Judaism : Greek civilization (culture, myths, beliefs, colonization, Athens and the Denocracy), Roman civilization (The foundation of Rome, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire), Birth of Judaism and Christianism and their relations to the Roman Empire.
Content (Geography):
  • The World population distribution : where do people live and why ?
  • Living in a city : living in a metropolis, imagine the city of the future
  • Living in a low-density area and/or living in a high-stressed region
  • Living in a coastal area (tourism and industry)
  • Understanding of historical cultures
  • Understanding of geography
  • Use of knowledge and chronological references
  • Develop understanding of ancient world/geography
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Research/writing skills
  • Study skills
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Individual projects
  • Group and research projects
  • Oral presentations
  • Class participation
  • Open problems and Enquiry-based learning
  • Formative and summative criteria-based assessment
  • La Classe d'Histoire: Website with resources for all grades in History and Geography (historic and geographic documentation, videos, vocabulary, activities, exercises, online quiz and tests). The History and Geography class is a flipped classroom.
M. Amar Boumediene
History & Geography Teacher