Giving Back to Our Community
Community is a core value at FASPS, and giving back to our extended community is a cornerstone of our educational program and an essential life skill we strive to instill in our students.
We believe giving back includes initiatives within our school as well as throughout the Seattle area. For example, our older students are encouraged to participate in mentoring programs for the benefit of students in the lower grades. In addition, we have annual agreements with local nonprofit organizations such as Tutu’s Pantry and Northwest Harvest to gather and donate items. Please see below for more details on our numerous community service programs.
Lower School
  • Cross-grade Classroom Activities, Such as Reading Buddies
  • Planning and Implementing Special Student Life Activities, Such as Spirit Days
  • Tending the Garden and Recycling With the School’s Green Team
  • Teaching Other Students During the Science Fair
Middle School
  • Continue Lower School Programs
  • Serve as Ambassadors for Admissions Events
  • Daily Lunchroom Clean-up
  • Cross-grade Mentoring
  • Guiding Younger Students at the Science Fair
  • Grade 8 Trip to Costa Rica With a Service Component
  • Volunteering at the School’s Annual Gala and Auction (Grade 8)
Outside School
  • Collecting for Tutu’s Pantry (Food Bank)
  • Serving at Cherry Street Food bank (Northwest Harvest)
  • Collecting Supplies for a Teen Homeless Shelter
  • Collecting DVDs for Children’s Hospital
  • Letters to Veterans
  • Environmental Restoration at Local Parks and Beaches
  • Visiting Elderly Residents in Local Retirement Communities