The Journey Starts With Our Youngest FASPS Students
FASPS has developed a unique and harmonized bilingual program grounded in the typical curriculum architecture of the French Ministry of Education and the U.S. common core standards.
Our Tiny Young Prekindergarten (Tiny YPK) year is an early-school program with a defined curriculum and delineated objectives built specifically for two-year-old children. Known as « La toute petite section » in France (or TPS), the class is recognized by the French Ministry of National Education as a part of the “École maternelle.” French teachers receive training for this grade as part of their coursework.
Beginning your children’s education at such a young age gives them a rich opportunity to develop their personalities and establish their bilingual language skills in a nurturing and multicultural environment. Through the attentive guidance of their teachers, children become familiar with the rhythms and activities of a typical school day and discover how to be within a social group outside of their family. Our Tiny YPK classroom is designed with the toddler’s proportions and sensibilities in mind. We encourage the exploration of curiosity, social interaction, imaginary play, and creativity. Children are not expected to be toilet-trained in this grade, and there is a diaper-changing station in the classroom.
FASPS offers two-day, three-day, and five-day enrollment options. The school day runs from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm, and after-school care is available at an extra cost from dismissal until school closure. 
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Khalid Amali
Lower School Head
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