Summer Challenge!

FASPS’s 25th Anniversary Summer Challenge for All Students!
Come on an adventure with FASPS this summer! In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, FASPS invites our students to complete 25 special challenges over the summer for a chance to win a fun prize in the fall! Everyone who participates will receive a FASPS sticker. Are you up to the challenge?
How It Works
There are two sets of challenges: one for our Tiny YPK, YPK, and PK students, and one for our older students called “Readers.” Work your way through our challenges over the summer, one by one. Compete with friends, post pictures of your adventures, and mark your progress on our community padlets (see below). One student from each category that completes all 25 will be randomly selected to win! Ready to start your journey?

15 Books About Racial Justice

Articles Worth Reading

From Teaching Tolerance, whose mission it is to help teachers and schools educate children and youth to be active participants in a diverse democracy:
  • Why Talk About Whiteness? (Click Here)
  • What Is White Privilege Really? (Click Here)
  • Test Yourself for Hidden Bias (Click Here)
  • When Educators Understand Race and Racism (Click Here)
  • Why Teaching Black Lives Matters: Part 1 (Click Here)
  • Why Teaching Black Lives Matters: Part 2 (Click Here)
  • Don’t Say Nothing-Silence Speaks Volumes. Our Students Are Listening (Click Here)

Open Forum for Students

As the school year comes to a close, we wanted to highlight an initiative begun at FASPS for students to discuss issues around race and racism. Colors United is an open forum for students in Grades 3–8 to learn and grow from one another and share ways to support all students at our school and beyond. The forum, moderated by three adults, has met three times and will continue to meet over the summer. The two ground rules that everyone has agreed to are respect and confidentiality. Our students have been active in the conversation and supportive of one another during difficult moments. We are especially encouraged to see some of the younger ones speaking up about their own experiences. It is important for our students to know that we are not standing by, sitting still, or turning away from the Black Lives Matter movement. As educators, we too will dedicate time this summer to meet together to learn, to discuss, and to create plans of action that address the systemic racism and injustice that has plagued Black lives for far, far too long.

15 Books That Celebrate Diversity

Our Summer 2020 Programs Include:
  • Les Petites Sauterelles (Little Grasshoppers): On-campus program for campers 2½ years old and potty-trained through rising Kindergarten.
  • Les Navigateurs (Navigators): A dynamic, virutal program for campers entering grades 1–9 in the fall of 2020.
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