FASPS’s Student Success Team
FASPS’s Student Success Team is a team of specialists who support students with specific needs. Cécile Chapel, FASPS’s dean of students, centralizes all student needs, making sure they get the proper support and accommodations necessary for them to succeed at school.
Our Student Success Teams Comprises the Following Faculty:
  • Coralie Nardo is a French “orthophoniste” (speech therapist) and learning specialist. She works with our students in elementary and Middle School.
  • Annette Hynes is our English reading specialist. She works with students in elementary school.
  • Brittany Borgeson is our school counselor. She works with students of both our Lower and Middle schools.
  • Doris Gueye Oué is our French as a foreign language teacher. She helps students in Kindergarten and Grade 1.
  • Charles Sisson coordinates English classes for our English language learners in Grades 1–8.
Cécile Chapel
Dean of Students
Coralie Nardo
French Speech Therapist & Learning Specialist
Annette Hynes
English Reading Specialist
Brittany Borgeson
School Counselor
Doris Gueye-Oué
French as a Second Language Teacher
Charles Sisson
English Language Learning Coordinator