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- The Knowledge Review Magazine

FASPS is honored to be named one of the Best Performing Schools in the USA to Study, 2023 by The Knowledge Review, a global educational magazine that reached more than half a million subscribers and is involved in featuring institutes/leaders around the world.

The recognition by this highly trusted and respected educational publication is a testament to our incredible teachers, dedicated staff, innovative and forward-thinking Board Of Directors, and our unique harmonized bilingual program.

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    • K12 Digest Cover 2024


Nurturing Multicultural Minds - Steve Dispensa
K12 Digest Cover Story - January 2024

FASPS is delighted to present a featured article in K12 Digest that delves into the pivotal role of Steve Dispensa, our dedicated Chair of the Board of Trustees. This article offers a comprehensive exploration of Steve's leadership journey and how it intersects with the broader mission of nurturing global citizens and multicultural minds.

In a world increasingly shaped by diversity and technology, the article sheds light on the significance of fostering cultural agility and bilingual excellence. Steve's unique perspective, informed by his role at Microsoft and board leadership at FASPS, underscores the importance of preparing students to thrive in a globalized society. Discover the compelling narrative of how FASPS, under Steve's guidance, continues to champion these crucial values in education. Click the button below to read the full article.