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The French American School of Puget Sound (FASPS) is embarking on an exciting new chapter with the establishment of a brand-new campus in Seattle. The overwhelming success and popularity of the FASPS program have necessitated expansion beyond the current Mercer Island location, prompting the creation of multiple hubs to cater to the diverse and growing community.

The Mercer Island campus, in partnership with the Stroum Jewish Community Center, has been a central hub for children aged 18 months to Grade 8, providing a harmonized bilingual education. A preschool was successfully launched in Factoria in 2023, with plans for a second classroom set to open in 2024.

The forthcoming permanent home in Seattle, scheduled to open its doors in 2026, is strategically located in the North Beacon Hill area, leveraging FASPS' existing property assets. The selection of this site, near four other independent schools, presents ample development opportunities given the parcel's size, zoning, and the surrounding area's characteristics.

While changes in zoning on Mercer Island restrict further construction, FASPS is leveraging its assets to expand its educational footprint in Seattle, where it aims to become a cultural hub within a community known for its rich history of diverse global immigration.

Situated at 2203 23rd Avenue S, Seattle, WA, FASPS Seattle is poised to be a focal point for students in Grades 4 through 8, offering unique opportunities for cultural agility and community engagement.

The engagement and design process for the new campus has crystallized into four key spatial goals:

  • Grow and Flow
    • La croissance et le flux
  • Share and Extend Beyond the Classroom
    • Echanger et dépasser les frontières de la salle de classe
  • Welcome and Build Community
    • Accueillir et instituer la communauté
  • Building As Curriculum
    • Bâtiment comme outil pédagogique
These aspirations will guide the design process as the school works towards its projected opening for the 2026-2027 school year, accommodating up to 240 students. FASPS Seattle aspires not only to provide exceptional education but also to be a vibrant and integral part of the cultural fabric of North Beacon Hill.

The slides below were pulled from our Town Hall Meeting on November 2, 2023. If you have any questions about our permanent home project, please email us at communications@fasps.org.
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