2023 Summer Programs at FASPS (SPF)
FASPS is proud to offer summer camps for children 2½ years old through middle school. All of our camps offer French language learning in a fun, supportive environment. Whether your camper has no French experience or is a native speaker, camp activities, games, projects, and more are adapted to maximize learning and excitement. We keep group sizes small in order to prioritize social interactions and allow individualized attention from group leaders and assistants.
General Registration for Summer 2023 Opens March 1, 2023 at 12:00pm 
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We Offer Three Programs:

Even More Fun in 2023: All Programs Are Now One Week Longer!
  • Camp des Lucioles: An eight-week bilingual discovery program for our campers 2½–5 years of age.
  • Camp d'été (Summer Camp): Our classic, four-week day camp for campers entering grades 1–5 in the fall of 2023.
  • Classe Aventure (Adventure Class): An exciting, four-week, field-trip-based program designed just for middle schoolers, entering grades 6–9 in the fall of 2023.

General Information:

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  • Camp Structure: The camp day for all programs is from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Each day combines more structured activities (like crafts, science, and music) and free playtime for all age groups. Before and After Care are available for all programs.
  • Camp des Lucioles: Includes daily nap/rest time in the afternoon.
  • Bilingual and Immersion Approaches: All FASPS camps are open to any child regardless of experience with French. While students aren’t expected to become fluent solely from their camp experience, they can usually understand quite a bit and say a few words and phrases.
  • Camp des Lucioles: Provides a gentle introduction to French through language workshops (ateliers de langue), with many activities led in English.
  • Immersion Camps (Camp d'été & Classe Aventure): All activities are led in French. For campers with little or no French experience, context, repetition, and peer support help them integrate quickly. Occasional English may be used to ensure everyone feels included.

Covid-19 Impact on Summer Programs:

Our community’s health and safety continues to be our top priority. In order to provide the best summer programs we can in this challenging situation, we have implemented rigorous health and safety protocols to mitigate as much risk as possible. For Summer 2023, we will require all campers to disclose their vaccination status. Vaccination is strongly encouraged for eligible individuals but is not a requirement to participate in SPF. Our full Summer 2023 Covid policies are currently under revision but will be shared soon! Click here to view FASPS current covid response policies for reference.


List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Is it possible to do a tour / warm-up time for our child before summer programs start?

    Yes! We will offer an in-person SPF Warm-Up for all programs in June 2023 prior to program start. Details will be shared with registered families this spring.  
  • What is the staff-to-camper ratio? How many campers per group?

      • Camp des Lucioles groups are staffed by at least 2 adult summer staff members, and the group size is limited by DCYF ratios (10-14 children per group).
      • Camp d’été groups are staffed by 1-2 adult summer staff members, and the group size is limited to 12 children per group.
      • Classe Aventure is staffed by 2 adult summer staff members, and the group size is limited to 12 children.
  • What are your covid-19 policies? Do you require any covid-19 testing?

    Our full Summer 2023 Covid-19 policies are currently under revision but will be shared soon! Click here to view FASPS current Covid Response policies for reference.

    We ask all camp participants (children and staff) to monitor themselves for symptoms, and stay home from camp when feeling unwell – with covid-like symptoms or otherwise. Testing is strongly encouraged if a camp participant has symptoms consistent with Covid-19, if a camp participant is exposed to a known or suspected case of Covid-19, or otherwise indicated by medical advice to test.
  • For what reasons would FASPS cancel a registration?

    FASPS may cancel an in-person Summer Programs registration if a government mandate were to order daycares and/or schools to close, or if we were to have an outbreak of COVID-19 on campus, forcing us to close and clean. 

    We may also cancel any Summer Programs registration if we do not meet minimum enrollment.
  • What is included in camp costs?

    • Camp des Lucioles includes snacks, activities and projects, and a camp t-shirt.
    • Camp d'été includes activities and projects and a camp t-shirt.
    • Classe Aventure includes bus transportation to/from field trips, any other activities and projects, a camp t-shirt and a drawstring bag.
  • Is the summer programs staff the same as the school year staff?

    Yes and No: most of our summer programs staff are current FASPS faculty members, but some staff members do come from the outside community. They have gone through a rigorous hiring process and meet all our requirements and standards for excellence.
  • Do you offer lunches? Are snacks provided?

    Lunch will not be provided for any program over the summer. All campers must bring their own lunch.
    NOTE: FASPS summer programs adhere to a strict no-peanuts policy.

    Camp des Lucioles: morning and afternoon snacks will be provided to all campers.
    Camp d'été & Classe aventure: an afternoon snack will be provided for those staying in after care.

  • Is there nap / down time every day?

    Kids in Camp des Lucioles participate in nap / rest time for about an hour every day. If children need longer to sleep, we let them rest longer.
    Camp d'été groups schedule some quiet time in the afternoons, especially for the younger groups, as needed.
  • What happens if I need to change or cancel my registration?

    Requests to change or cancel your summer programs registration should be sent to Summer@FASPS.org.

Contact Our Team:

Ren Keller
Director of Auxiliary Programs
(206) 275-3533, Ext. 273

Rei Silverberg
Associate Director of Auxiliary Programs
(206) 275-3533
Marian Garcini
Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
(206) 275-3533, Ext. 289

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