Baby and Me | Bébé et Moi

Our Baby and Me class is a free, biweekly class open to the public. Toddlers 18–36 months of age and their parents / caretakers are invited to join us for a joyous and gentle introduction to French education. Beginning in a circle led by FASPS’s music teacher, we learn traditional French children’s songs and the fun dance moves that accompany them. Next, children are free to explore a “parcours gymnastique” where they can fine-tune their balance and gross motor skills, and where they can learn to share with their peers. Finally, we walk down the hall to a preschool classroom where everyone will enjoy a snack, listen to a story in French, and participate in a simple craft project (or simply explore the classroom as they like!).

Votre enfant est âgé de 18 à 36 mois ? Amenez-le pour une petite touche française à nos séances « Bébé et Moi » : musique, danse, « heure de conte », parcours de gym, petites activités de bricolage, et plus encore ! Nous nous réunirons cet automne les jeudis 19 septembre, 3, 17 et 31 octobre, 17 et 21 novembre, et 5 et 12 décembre de 10h a 11h a l’Ecole Franco-Américaine du Puget Sound sur Mercer Island, Washington. A bientôt !

Baby and Me is free to attend. Sessions are from 9:30am to 10:30am. Please register in advance.
Remaining 2019-2020 Dates:
  • November 21
  • December 5, 12
  • January 9, 23
  • February 6, 27
  • March 12, 26
  • April 16, 30
  • May 14, 28

Please use this form to register for Baby and Me classes at FASPS.