FASPS Athletics: Mens sana in corpore sano
Please Note: FASPS’s Athletics Program for 2021–2022 has been suspended until further notice.
At FASPS we believe that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand. To that end, the objective of our Athletics Program is to provide students with opportunities to participate in organized athletics, to develop their motor skills and athletic abilities, and to encourage a positive attitude toward health, safety, and personal fitness. Program goals also include continued development of team spirit and good sportsmanship skills.
Lower School Sports:
  • Fall Soccer (K–Grade 5)
  • Fall Cross Country (K–Grade 5)
  • Winter Basketball (Grades 4–5)
  • Winter Volleyball (Grade 5)
  • Spring Track & Field (Grades 4–5)
Middle School Sports:
  • Fall Soccer
  • Fall Cross Country
  • Winter Basketball
  • Winter Volleyball
  • Winter Ski Trips
  • Spring Track & Field
Practice Locations:
  • FASPS Campus
  • Stroum Jewish Community Center (SJCC) (Adjacent to FASPS)
  • St. Monica Catholic School
  • Homestead Field
  • Lewis Creek Park
  • North Robinswood Field
  • Island Crest Park South
Sports Leagues:
FASPS participation in leagues varies throughout the Athletics program and includes Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and Cascade Middle School League (CMSL). Participation in a variety of leagues gives FASPS the flexibility to compete in a variety of settings. The continual improvement of our Athletics program is important to FASPS so that we can give our students the best possible experience.

Our Athletes