Camp des Lucioles
In-person Camp for Students 2½–5 Years of Age
FASPS’s newest Summer Program is now 8 weeks! Camp des Lucioles (Fireflies Camp) is a French bilingual day camp that focuses on learning through play, discovery, and school readiness activities (practicing school routines and vocabulary for the school year), while introducing students to the French language through regular language workshops. In addition, we will also focus on social and emotional learning (SEL) by helping our campers develop social skills through everyday interactions. Each week we will present a new theme that invites campers to explore their world through activities, projects, and language adapted to each group’s age level.

2023 Themes:

This summer, the Lucioles are exploring communities big, small and in between! Each session will feature a special visitor or event, and rising Kindergarten campers will go off-campus for one field trip per session.
Session 1: June 26 – July 7, 2023 (No Camp July 4): Les Lucioles vont explorer … | The Fireflies will explore …
  • Week 1: Ma ville | My City: From Seattle to Bellevue and beyond, we’ll discover what makes our cities unique and special. Campers will learn about local attractions, stores, transit and more.
  • Week 2: Mon pays | My Country: Starting with the United States and France — the countries that bring together the FASPS community — we will also explore other places that are special to each Luciole!
Session 2: July 10–21, 2023: Les Lucioles vont explorer … | The Fireflies will explore …
  • Week 3: Mon monde | My World: What makes our world special? Let’s take a look at Earth by exploring nature in all its forms!
  • Week 4: Mon imagination | My Imagination: From dragons and fairies to robots and more, this week will be all about exploring the wonderful ideas that exist in our imaginations!
Session 3: July 24 – August 4, 2023: Les Lucioles vont explorer … | The Fireflies will explore …
  • Week 5: Mon corps | My Body: Let’s move and groove and learn about ourselves! From obstacle courses and dance parties to cooking projects and more, campers will discover the amazing things our bodies can do!
  • Week 6: Mes émotions | My Feelings: We’re happy, joyful, and excited about this social-and-emotional-learning-focused week! We’ll read stories about feelings, learn how to express ourselves in healthy ways, and put names to our emotions in English and French.
Session 4: August 7–18, 2023: Les Lucioles vont explorer … | The Fireflies will explore …
  • Week 7: Ma classe | My Class: August is the perfect time for school readiness, so let’s explore the classroom! Campers will discover some of the building blocks of school and learning communities – from the ABCs and 123s and beyond!
  • Week 8: Mon école | My School: In this final week, the Lucioles will learn about the school beyond their own classroom! We’ll explore the entire school with scavenger hunts, play with other camp groups, and build our school community together.

Registration & Costs:

General Registration Opens at Noon on March 1, 2023 | Click Here to Register for SPF 2023!
Note: Camp des Lucioles registration is by two-week sessions.
Session 1: June 26 – July 7 (No Camp July 4)
  • Before Care (8:00–9am) — $TBD
  • After Care (4:00–6:00pm) — $TBD
Session 2: July 10–21:
  • Before Care (8:00–9:00am) — $TBD
  • After Care (4:00–6:00pm) — $TBD
Session 3: July 24 – August 4:
  • Before Care (8:00–9:00am) — $TBD
  • After Care (4:00–6:00pm) — $TBD
Session 4: August 7–18:
  • Before Care (8:00–9:00am) — $TBD
  • After Care (4:00–6:00pm) — $TBD
2023 prices will be published soon!


Ren Keller
Director of Auxiliary Programs
(206) 275-3533, Ext. 273

Rei Silverberg
Associate Director of Auxiliary Programs
(206) 275-3533
Marian Garcini
Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
(206) 275-3533, Ext. 289

Additional Information:

The Lucioles camp day is from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Before Care is available starting at 8:00am, and After Care is available until 6:00pm.
  • No previous French experience necessary!
  • Activities will be led in both English and French.
  • All groups have nap / rest time daily for about one hour every afternoon. Children who need more time to sleep are allowed to continue resting.
  • The preschool program at FASPS is DCYF-licensed; we follow strict state guidelines for health and safety, from food handling to transportation to class size and more.
  • We staff our groups above the DCYF-required ratio.

Not Sure Which Group Is Right for Your Camper?

Camp des Lucioles groups align with FASPS school-year preschool levels, which are based partly on age, and partly on certain milestones like school or daycare experience. All campers must be potty-trained prior to the start of camp. Please note that one or all of the criteria below may apply to your camper. If you have questions about your specific camper’s needs, please contact us at Summer@FASPS.org.
Rose (Rising YPK) Campers Rouge (Rising PK) Campers Orange (Rising K) Campers
Age At least 2½ years old by start of camp (6/26/23) Around 3–3½ years old at start of camp (6/26/23) Around 4 years old at the start of camp (6/26/23)
School / Daycare Experience Little to no experience in school or daycare setting. Some experience in school or daycare setting. Experience in school or daycare setting and familiar with basic school routines.
Nap Time (Note: All Lucioles groups have daily nap/rest time, even if campers do not sleep.) Tend to need the most nap time. Tend to nap consistently every day. May not be as consistent with napping, or naps for shorter periods of time.
Potty Training May be recently potty-trained; still needs reminders to go potty and has accidents sometimes. More consistent with potty-training, with occasional accidents. Consistent with potty-training, with rare accidents.
School / Daycare Fall 2023 Plan to enroll in young pre-kindergarten (YPK) / 3-year-old preschool. Plan to enroll in pre-kindergarten (PK) / 4-year-old preschool. Plan to enroll in kindergarten.

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