STEM in Grade 6 | 6ème

Science Class in Grade 6 Meets Three Times / Week (Instruction in French)

Content (Physics and Chemistry):
  • Water in our environment – mixtures and pure states
Content (Biology and Geology):
  • Environmental features
  • Organic and inorganic matter, cycle
  • Food for humanity: food safety, food production, healthy diet
  • Diversity, relationship and unity of the life forms
  • Why is the Earth habitable?
Technology Class in Grade 6 Meets One Time / Week (Instruction in French)

Content (Technology):
  • Analysis of the need
  • How technical object works
  • Building materials
  • Energy
  • Technological evolution
  • Making a technical object
  • Using a computer and numerical tools
  • Scientific and technical approach
STEM Objectives:
  • Gain a better understanding of the role of science in society
  • Learn to use scientific language correctly and a variety of communication modes and formats as appropriate
  • Demonstrate ability to understand scientific knowledge and to apply it to solve new problems
  • Learn to design and carry out scientific investigations
  • Develop skills to interpret data
  • Develop safe, responsible, and collaborative working practices
  • Acquire knowledge of how technical objects work
  • Approach a problem creatively
  • Develop critical analysis
  • Use the design process
  • Acquisition of technical languages
  • Design – Create - Build
STEM Assessment:
  • Lesson quizzes
  • Chapter essays
  • Documented research (Long-term individual or group projects, oral or written)
  • Scientific drawings
  • Experiment reports (oral or written)
  • Experiment implementation
  • Field work report
  • Open problem
  • Activities
  • Long-term projects
  • Observation/Tests/quizzes
  • Oral presentations
STEM Resources:
  • Dedicated science lab with appropriate materials and supplies
  • Equipment such as microscopes, electronic probes, software, etc.
  • Field trips to Mercer Slough, Bullitt Center, etc...
  • Guest speakers who are experts in their fields (Cardiologist, Environmentalist, Volcanologist, etc.)
  • One-week field trip to discover Washington State Geology in 6th grade
  • Textbook: Nathan Collection or similar
  • Handmade car kits and tools
  • Gears kits
  • 3D models
  • Videos
  • 3D modeling software
  • 3D model viewer
  • Internet
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