History & Geography in Grade 7 | 5ème

History & Geography Class in Grade 7 Meets Two Times / Week (Instruction in French)

Content (History):
  • Christianity and islamic world : Byzance and Charlemagne Empire, the world of islam (VIe-XIIIe)
  • Society, religion and political power in the Middle Ages (XI-XVe)
  • The Transformation of the 15th and 16th centuries : Humanism, Renaissance, Reformation
  • The evolution of French Monarchy from Philippe Auguste to Louis XIV
Content (Geography):
  • Population and inequalities in the world : world population growth and its effects, distribution of poverty and wealth
  • World resources issues : food issues, energy and water issues, industrial and technological risks, climate issues
  • Understanding of historical cultures
  • Develop an understanding of the ways in which ideas express and influence society
  • Understanding sustainability and limited resources
  • Use of geographic tools
  • Use of collective intelligence and collaboration
  • Research/writing skills
  • Creativity
  • Individual projects
  • Group and research projects
  • Oral presentations
  • Class participation
  • Open problems and Enquiry-based learning
  • Short essays
  • Formative and summative criteria-based assessment
  • La Classe d'Histoire: Website with resources for all grades in History and Geography (historic and geographic documentation, videos, vocabulary, activities, exercises, online quiz and tests). The History and Geography class is a flipped classroom.
M. Amar Boumediene
History & Geography Teacher