French in Grade 7 | 5ème
French Class in Grade 7 Meets Five Times / Week

Concepts & Content:
  • Study of historical texts: Middle Ages
  • Study of viewpoint in narration
  • Study of various genres
  • History of Art related to time period studied
The curriculum is articulated with the Grade 7 trip to Paris, France.

  • Reading: develop interest and independence
  • Writing: master narration, description, and complex answers
  • Speaking: learn to debate, make presentations, and express ideas
  • Vocabulary and grammar exercises
  • Reading comprehension questions
  • Creative writing
  • Projects
  • Unit finals
  • Fairy tales
  • Stories of adventure and journeys
  • Chivalric novels
  • Courtly romance
  • Farces and Medieval comic stories
  • Theatre : Vaudeville plays
Resources (Exercise Books):
  • L’atelier du langage 5ème, Hatier
  • Cahier d'exercices, 5ème, Hatier
Dominique Grandmougin
Professeur de français | Drama
Clémentine Riem
Professeur de français | Drama Co-teacher | Educational Leadership