Mathematics in Grade 8 | 4ème

Mathematics Class in Grade 8 Meets:
  • Three Times / Week (Instruction in French)
  • Three Times / Week (Instruction in English)
Structure of Program:
  • Algebra 1 Second Year (Standard Level) – Students study second half of Algebra 1 curriculum
  • Algebra 2 (Extended Level) – Students study much of the Algebra 2 curriculum
  • We follow the Education National program in French maths.
  • Data management (FR)
  • Algebra: Linear functions, Exponents and Exponential functions, Polynomials and Quadratic equations(US, standard)
  • Algebra: Transformations of Functions, Quadratics, Complex numbers, Exponents and Logarithmic functions, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry (US, extended)
  • Proofs (FR)
  • Geometry: Thales, Pythagorean properties, Trigonometry (FR)
  • Area and volume (FR, US)
  • Algorithms (FR)
  • Solids: pyramids and cones (FR)
  • Proportionality, Percent (FR)
  • Complete the skills and concepts outlined in the Washington State Standards for Algebra 1 (US) and Geometry (FR)
  • Use of appropriate tools strategically in math
  • Develop inductive and deductive reasoning skills
  • Strategic problem solving
  • Formative and summative tests and quizzes
  • Long-term projects
  • Organizational skills
  • Open problems
  • Mathématiques Transmath (FR)
  • KWYK (FR) exercises website
  • Algebra 1, Holt McDougal (US, standard)
  • Algebra 2, Big Ideas Learning (US, extended)
  • Geogebra Geometry Software (FR)
  • Excel Software (FR)
  • Gizmos (US)
  • Graphing Calculator (US)
Mme Anne Sophie Cune
French Mathematics | Geometry
Ms. Sarah Blick Vandivort
U.S. Mathematics Co-teacher | Mathematics Coordinator