French in Grade 8 | 4ème
French Class in Grade 8 Meets Five Times / Week (Instruction in French)

Concepts & Content:
  • Study of historical texts: 18th and 19th centuries
  • Study of viewpoint in narration.
  • Debate and individual presentation
  • Genre study: the letter, the short story and play
  • History of art related to time period studied
  • Reading: independent and thorough reading
  • Complex narration
  • Master use of abstract thoughts and vocabulary
  • Enhance understanding of literary theory
  • Write and debate with ease and conviction
  • Vocabulary and grammar exercises
  • Reading comprehension questions
  • Creative writing
  • Essays
  • Projects
  • Unit finals
  • Novellas
  • Historical fiction
  • Realistic fiction
  • Classical Theatre : tragedy
Resources (Exercise Books):
  • L’atelier du langage 4ème, Hatier
  • Cahier d'exercices, 4ème, Hatier
Clémentine Riem
Professeur de français | Drama Co-teacher | Educational Leadership