Learning Labs in Grades 7-8

Learning Lab Classes in Grades 6-8 Meet Two Times / Week

Learning Lab options change each year. Below is a sampling of Learning Labs offered in recent years. Learning Labs are taught for a single trimester and are selected by the students to compose mixed grade 7-8 groupings.

Learning Labs Have Included:
  • Aeronautique – Aerospatiale – Astronomie
  • Citrouille et Cie (Cooking)
  • FASPS News Radio
  • Genetique: le plan de construction du vivant?
  • Graphic Design
  • Immunologie, comment notre corps se defend-il?
  • Le monde en cartes (world of maps)
  • Le sport dans tous ses etats
  • Let's Cook
  • Nihao, China!
  • Plaster Sculpture
  • Relief Sculpture
  • Slam: poesie et rap
  • Soft Sculptre
  • Socio-Emotional Learning through Middle School Puppetry for Lower School Students
  • Story Worlds
  • Technologie, Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Yearbook
  • World War II