Physical Education in Grade 6 | 6ème

Physical Education Class Meets Three Times / Week (Instruction in English)

  • Physical endurance: 1 mile run, circuit training, agility training, swimming, cross fit
  • Communication: Team sports
  • Teamwork: football, volleyball, field day
  • Strategy: volleyball/badminton
  • Invasion (contact) vs. Non-invasion sports
  • Mental and physical well being: yoga, dance
  • Understanding of fundamental P.E. Concepts
  • Understanding of sports strategy
  • Understanding of health and fitness principles
  • Physical evaluation
  • Written tests
  • Class participation
  • Class preparation
  • OneNote Assignments
  • JCC Facilities: gym, swimming pool, aerobic room
  • Area parks
  • Sports equipment
  • Internet for research
M. Sébastien Boccaccio
Athletics Coordinator and Middle School PE Teacher