Arts in Grade 7 | 5ème

Arts Class in Grade 7 Meets:
  • One Time / Week of Visual Arts (Instruction in English)
  • One Time / Week of Drama (Instruction in French and English)
Content (Visual Arts):
  • Creating an image using basic techniques and design skills
  • Use of camera, software and the Internet
  • Art vocabulary
Objectives (Visual Arts):
  • Relationship between images and fiction in art
  • Create art portfolios
  • Art history- Understanding point of view and environmental influences
Objectives (Drama):
  • Study and performance of a Shakespearean play
  • Analysis of character, language, and theme
  • Learn dramatic vocabulary and theatrical routines
  • Develop responsibility
  • Work collaboratively
Assessment (Visual Arts):
  • Art skills development
  • Art vocabulary
Assessment (Drama):
  • Class participation
  • Improvisation and dramatic play
  • End-of-year performance
  • Dedicated Visual Arts classroom
  • Weekly access to Jewish Community Center auditorium
  • Works by classical authors, such as Shakespeare, Molière, Rostand, etc.
  • Works by contemporary authors, such as Olivier Py, Catherine Anne, Eugene Durif, Jean-Claude Grumberg
  • Field trips to Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Opera, Salsa in Seattle (Spanish-language dance workshop)
Ms. Hannah Duff
English Humanities & Grade 7 Drama