Tuition & Tuition Assistance
The purpose of tuition assistance at FASPS is to support the school’s mission by promoting diversity within our student body and community. We value socio-economic diversity and strive to be accessible to the widest range of families; our tuition assistance program reflects this essential principle. FASPS’s tuition assistance program is needs-based, and the awards apply to one school year. Families are required to reapply each year so that FASPS can make the necessary adjustments based on changes in circumstances or tuition.
Tuition for the 2023–2024 School Year:
  • Preschool: $32,650
    • Part-time enrollment in Tiny YPK is pro-rated:
      • 2 days / week at $13,060 and 3 days / week at $19,950
  • Elementary School: $32,650
  • Middle School: $37,875
  • New Family Fee: A one-time new family fee will be invoiced in the amount of $3,950 upon receipt of the enrollment agreement. A new family is defined as a family whose children have not been previously enrolled in the school.
  • Deposit: A nonrefundable deposit is required to confirm your enrollment agreement. The deposit will be applied to your tuition.
Types of Tuition Assistance Available:
  • Needs-based Scholarships: Tuition assistance is awarded on the basis of need and the potential family contribution as reported by FACTS Grant & Aid, as well as documentation provided by the family. FASPS uses data from FACTS Grant & Aid and household income / asset guidelines annually to assess each family’s ability to pay for their child’s education. FASPS makes every effort to meet the demonstrated need of all admitted tuition assistance applicants; however, resources are not always sufficient to meet the full need of applicants. Due to the large number of families applying for tuition assistance and the limited timeframe within which awards are made, it is critical that all documents be submitted according to the prescribed deadlines for returning and new students. FASPS notifies applicants of tuition assistance decisions before expecting a binding reply to the offer of enrollment.
  • French Government Scholarships: French citizens may be eligible for the Bourses Scolaires Françaises. The FASPS Tuition Assistance program may supplement the amount granted by the French government. Families may apply for both the Bourses Scolaires Françaises and FASPS Tuition Assistance. The FASPS Tuition Assistance application will only be reviewed once you receive the decision from the French government.
Applying for Tuition Assistance:
FASPS uses FACTS Grant & Aid to process tuition assistance applications. Using this trusted third party ensures the tuition assistance review process is objective and fair. To be eligible for consideration for tuition assistance:
  • A completed Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), application fee, and all supporting documents must be received by FACTS Grant & Aid no later than the prescribed deadline (see tables below). Due to the number of families applying for tuition assistance and to the limited time frame within which awards are to be made, it is critical that all forms, including required tax returns, be submitted according to the prescribed deadlines. No grants will be awarded in the absence of supporting documents.
  • Currently enrolled FASPS families must be in good standing on all debt obligations to the school.
  • For students of divorced or separated parents, a PFS, an application fee, and supporting documents are required from all financially responsible parties.
  • It should be understood that lifestyle choices that result in increased expenses or decreased income cannot be underwritten by the Tuition Assistance Program at FASPS.
Tuition Assistance Application Deadlines:
  • Returning FASPS Families: February 5, 2023
  • New Families: February 28, 2023
How to Apply:
Families wishing to apply for tuition assistance should submit a completed Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with all required supporting documents and non-refundable application fee of $40 directly to FACTS Grant & Aid via its secure portal.
Required Supporting Documents (Please upload copies of the following supporting documents directly to FACTS Grant & Aid or email copies to
  • 2021 or 2022 Federal Income Tax Return WITH ALL SCHEDULES
  • 2022 W2 and/or 1099 forms
  • Your application is not considered complete without your supporting documents. You may wish to start tax preparation early in order to meet the February deadline. Those who are unable to complete tax returns early, such as business owners, may fill out the PFS using estimates based on the prior year and submit the tax returns when they become available. No grants will be awarded in the absence of supporting documents.
Applying for a French Government Scholarship:
Les ressortissants français enregistrés au consulat de San Francisco qui désirent effectuer une demande de bourse auprès du gouvernement français doivent contacter Déborah Worrall, Directrice des Admissions, au (206) 275-3533, ext. 275, ou
Pour effectuer une demande de bourse scolaire au Consulat Général de San Francisco pour l’année 2022–2023 , vous aurez besoin des documents suivants :
Pour des informations détaillées sur le calcul des bourses, veuillez consulter le site du consulat ici. Pour les familles qui effectuent une première demande, il est nécessaire de contacter Mme Myriam Loury, gestionnaire chargée des dossiers de bourse au consulat de San Francisco, afin de prendre rendez-vous en personne à San Francisco ou bien convenir d’un rendez-vous téléphonique.
Mme Myriam Loury
Affaires sociales
Bourses scolaires
Consulat de France à San Francisco
88 Kearny Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 616-4913
Purchasing Dewar's Tuition Refund Plan:
Click here to access Dewar’s “Tuition Refund Plan” leaflet. This plan covers withdrawal or absence for medical reasons, withdrawal or absence for other than medical reasons, and dismissal from school:
  • The Cost Is 2.4% of Tuition
  • Payment Will Be Taken With the First Tuition Payment in July 2022

Tuition Assistance FAQs

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Who receives tuition assistance at FASPS?

    About 22% of our students receive tuition assistance every year, and the awards range between 10% and 100% of tuition.
  • Does the tuition assistance review process impact admissions decisions in any way?

    No. The tuition assistance review process is completely independent from the admissions process. The Tuition Assistance Committee evaluates tuition assistance applications only after admissions decisions have been made by the Admissions Committee.
  • Who makes the tuition assistance decisions at FASPS?

    The Tuition Assistance Committee assesses parental income, assets, liabilities and expenses based on the financial information your family provides. FASPS partners with FACTS Grant & Aid to evaluate families’ financial information and ensure that the tuition assistance review process is objective and fair. All tuition assistance information is strictly confidential.
  • Who do I contact with questions?

    For general questions about the tuition assistance process, please contact Déborah Worrall at For specific questions about FACTS, please refer to the application form and FACTS Grant & Aid instructions.
  • Are both parents required to submit tax documentation?

    All paperwork, including tax documentation, is requested from all financially responsible parties. FASPS may require copies of court documents and final decrees.
  • What is the New Family Fee?

    Our New Family Fee is a one-time fee FASPS asks of all new families that supports future capital expenditures. Your one-time New Family Fee will be added to your tuition payment plan according to the option that you have chosen.


Déborah Worrall
Director of Admissions & Tuition Assistance