Arts in Grade 6 | 6ème

Arts Class in Grade 6 Meets:
  • One Time /  Week of Visual Arts (Instruction in English)
  • One Time /  Week of Drama (Instruction in French and English)
  • One Time /  Week of Music (Instruction in French)
Content (Visual Arts):
  • Drawing, painting, sculpture
  • Composition, shape, form, color
  • 2-D and 3-D perspective
  • Principles and elements of Design
  • Materials and techniques
  • Personal style
Content (Drama):
  • Study plays
  • Introduction to acting vocabulary and technique
Content (Music):
  • Music history
  • Sight singing
  • Introduction to drama
  • Learn how to perform on stage for different audiences (Drama)
  • Develop skills for creative group work (Drama)
  • The study of the objects in Arts
  • Creation of portfolios
  • Use Art & Music History to recognize and identify art form, status, and time line
  • Composer project
  • Develop autonomy and initiative in the arts
  • Class participation
  • Script preparation
  • Improvisation
  • Group leadership
  • Vocabulary proficiency
  • Knowledge of materials
  • Skills development
  • Dedicated Visual Arts classroom
  • Weekly access to Jewish Community Center auditorium
  • Works by classical authors, such as Shakespeare, Molière, Rostand, etc.
  • Works by contemporary authors, such as Olivier Py, Catherine Anne, Eugene Durif, Jean-Claude Grumberg
  • Field trips to Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Opera, Salsa in Seattle (Spanish-language dance workshop)
Clémentine Riem
Professeur de français | Drama Co-teacher | Educational Leadership
Julie Archer
Middle School Arts Coordinator
Dominique Grandmougin
Professeur de français | Drama
Hélène Ferret-Kaufman
Music Teacher