Mathematics in Grade 6 | 6ème
Mathematics Class in Grade 6 Meets:
  • Three Times / Week (Instruction in French)
  • Three Times / Week (Instruction in English)
Structure of Program:
  • All Students Study Pre-Algebra
  • We Follow the French Ministry of National Education Program in French Mathematics
  • Geometry, Basic Constructions (French)
  • Decimal Operations (U.S., French)
  • Fraction Operations (U.S., French)
  • Symmetry (French)
  • Proportionality, Percentages (U.S., French)
  • Data Representations and Analysis (U.S., French)
  • Probability (U.S.)
  • Rational Numbers and Equations (U.S.)
  • Operations With Integers (U.S., French)
  • Develop the Use of Mathematical Tools in Other Contexts
  • Use of Scientific Methods
  • Strategic Problem-solving
  • Expand Student Ability to Communicate Mathematical Concepts and Ideas in Various Mediums
  • Formative and Summative Tests and Quizzes
  • Long-term Projects
  • Organizational Skills
  • Open Problems
  • Mathématiques Transmath (French)
  • KWYK (French) and SACADO (French) Exercises Website
  • Pre-Algebra, Larson
  • Geogebra Geometry Software (French)
  • Excel Software (French)
  • Desmos.com Graphing Calculator and Interactive Activities (U.S.)
Mme Anne Sophie Cune
French Mathematics | Geometry
Ms. Sarah Blick Vandivort
U.S. Mathematics Co-teacher | Mathematics Coordinator
Ms. Ming Feng
Middle School Mandarin Teacher