Hot Lunch With ARISTA Catering
Since September 2013, FASPS has partnered with ARISTA Catering to offer a hot lunch program to our students and faculty. Parents have the option of signing their student up for the entire school year, for a month, or for single days. Sign-up is online on the MyFASPS Hot Lunch Resource Board (credit card is required).
Sample Lunch Menu
baked ziti, Caesar salad, garlic bread stick, brownie
beef burger, seedless bun (leaf lettuce, red onion, tomato, cheese), mango coleslaw, fresh-baked cookie
mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken nuggets (2), carrots, fruit salad
spaghetti and meatballs, Caesar Salad, garlic bread, fresh cut fruit
chicken fried rice, stir fry vegetables, green salad, apple slices
Gluten Free
Korean beef noodles, ramen noodles with cabbage sprouts, onions, spinach, cucumbers, Asian cabbage salad, mandarin slices
chicken with alfredo sauce, rice pilaf, focaccia bread, steamed mixed vegetables, big brownie
all-beef hot dog, baked beans, mashed sweet, apple slice
chicken jambalaya with beef sausage, white rice, coleslaw, gluten-free cornbread
quesadilla, vegetable quesadilla, Mexican rice, Mexican green salad with cilantro dressing, churros
cheese pizza, whole grain crust, mini-Caesar salad, Gogurt
pasta Alfredo with parmesan & cheddar, mixed vegetables, cookie
cheese ravioli, garlic bread, garden salad, mandarin orange slices
beef & bean burritos Spanish rice, refried beans, rownie
teriyaki chicken and rice, sliced vegetables, fruit
Gluten Free
mac ‘n’ cheese with grilled chicken strips, corn, mandarin oranges
cheese pizza, whole grain crust, mini-Caesar salad, sliced apples
grilled chicken breast, seedless bun (leaf lettuce tomato, cheddar, pickle chips, sautéed condiments), Caesar salad, watermelon slice
teriyaki chicken and rice, sautéed julienne vegetables, garden salad, brownie
Gluten Free
Taco Day: taco ground beef, vegan Mexican rice, vegan black beans, crisp corn tortilla, Gogurt
Gluten Free
lasagna (beef), garlic bread, garden salad, fresh-cut fruit
fish sandwich, baked potato wedges, cut corn, cookie

Contact Victoria:

Victoria Paolacci-Mellor
Director of Facilities, Office, and Transportation
(206) 275-3533, Ext. 274