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FASPS inspires the next generation of global citizens to learn, understand, and act wisely in a multicultural world. Students achieve bilingual fluency in a rigorous academic program that combines the best philosophies of both the French and American educational systems. We teach students to view the world from a multicultural perspective, to participate actively in a diverse community that celebrates differences, and to rise to the challenges of a singular academic program accredited by both the French Ministry of National Education and the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS).
Students are not required to speak French before first grade, and students who enter FASPS with no French or English receive individualized language acquisition support. Students who will be 2 years old by September 1, 2022, are eligible to apply for admission to FASPS for the 2022–2023 academic year (please contact our admissions office if you have any concerns about the cutoff date as there may be room for some flexibility).
If you would like to learn more about FASPS, please complete this form, and we will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you, and we look forward to learning more about your family!
Déborah & Lia (FASPS’s Welcoming Team)

Congratulations to Our “Exceptional Educator of the Year”!

Déborah pictured above with Ashley Wu from MIPA and with Eric Thuau, FASPS head of school.
MIPA Recognizes Déborah Fiaux, FASPS Teacher for 16 Years, as Its “Exceptional Educator of the Year” for 2021–2022!
The Mercer Island Preschool Association (MIPA) has awarded FASPS Tiny YPK Teacher Déborah Fiaux its “Exceptional Educator of the Year” for 2021–2022. The award is given annually by MIPA to honor and recognize a teacher, director, assistant, or administrator who has made exceptional contributions to Mercer Island’s preschool community through their dedication to early childhood education. On Friday, June 17, Ashley Wu, representing MIPA, stopped by FASPS to congratulate Déborah and to present to her a plaque, flowers, and a gift.
Déborah was surprised and moved to tears for having been recognized and honored by Mercer Island’s preschool parent community. “I was so surprised and touched. I teach our youngest students at FASPS, who start at two years of age, and it’s been so fulfilling to be able to welcome them to campus and provide a safe and enriching environment for them to develop and grow during the pandemic,” said Déborah.
Eric Thuau, FASPS’s head of school, could not be happier for Déborah. “From the start of this pandemic, we have had three primary goals and guiding principles: 1) Mitigate risk and prevent the spread of virus to the best of our ability; 2) Offer our harmonized, bilingual program through in-person learning whenever possible; and 3) Support our students’ social and emotional learning by adapting and strengthening our program with the partnership of our families. Our teachers have been working so hard and have sacrificed so much to create an educational environment that is as close to normal and as safe as possible for our students. We are so proud of each and every one of them, and I could not be happier for Déborah and her team, who take such good care of our tiniest students.”
Congratulations, Déborah, and thank you to all our 2021–2022 teachers for the amazing work you do, day in and day out. Enjoy your summers!

Watch “Fostering Bilingualism in Children”

Watch “Fostering Bilingualism in Children: An Overview of Key Questions & Best Practices” (January 26, 2022) by Jérémie Séror, PhD

Béatrice Is Retiring!

Lia Corrado, FASPS’s admissions, marketing, and communications assistant, interviewed Béatrice on June 9, 2022.
Lia: Describe the scene when you first started working at FASPS. What are your memories from before we moved to Mercer Island?
Béatrice: I discovered the school in 1997, and I started working at the school at the very beginning of 1998. They needed a teacher. Many years ago, in 1987, I had worked for a language school, and someone from that school told me about this young school starting up, that they needed a French teacher. At that time my daughter was only two and a half, and I said, if you take me, you have to take her too! I didn’t feel like putting her in a daycare in English; she hardly spoke French yet, and I wanted her to learn French.

FASPS Recognized as a Sustaining Green School

FASPS’s Green Committee Is Proud to Announce That FASPS Has Been Recognized as a Sustaining Green School Again This Year — Bravo, Green Team!
For the eighth year in a row, FASPS has been recognized as a King County Sustaining Green School. We can be proud of how our school has involved students and staff in sustaining and building on its conservation education and practices. Also recognized were our Middle School Green Club students and teachers (Amar Boumediene and Nicolas Untz) who received prizes from King County. Congratulations to Mael Michel, Maéva Tisoni, Ayaan Bali, and Marcello Ayaji, and thank you so much to our amazing Green Committee members this year: Amar Boumediene, Annette Hynes, Béatrice Coppens, Bertrand Jaget, Caroline Bell, Cécile Chapel, Damien Majorczyk, David Gaignard, Elisabeth Marcenac, Jacqueline Funfschilling, Julia Pass Lochave, Laurence Tanen, Nichole Snyder, and Zahra Kebritchi. Bravo!

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Dear Parents: Please bookmark our new FASPS Parent To-Do List webpage. We understand that everyone is incredibly busy under the best of circumstances, and we are endeavoring to do our best to keep our parents on track with tasks and deadlines. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our FASPS Parent To-Do List webpage, do not hesitate to email Thank you!

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