After-school Programming for Middle School Students
Bonjour Middle School families! We would like to share some changes to Middle School office hours (Étude) and after-school programming.
Beginning this fall, Étude will no longer be offered after school, but instead during the school day. The goal of this change is to make office hours more accessible and more efficient for every student that needs it, while avoiding using lunch or recess time to catch up on extra help.
In light of this change, we are excited to introduce new Extended Day options, designed specially for Middle School students, called Four by Four. Our intention is to give Middle Schoolers more social time outside of the school day and to let them benefit from a variety of Enrichment and programming just as our Lower School students do.
What Is Four by Four?
Middle School students will have four after-school options, all beginning at 4:00pm – thus the name, Four by Four!
The four options are:
  1. Recreation (Rec): Games, art, hobbies, and social time, facilitated by EAs.
  2. Atelier (Workshop): Time to complete homework, study, or read quietly, facilitated by a CA (support in French and in English).
  3. Clubs: Various interest / activity groups, led primarily by FASPS teachers.
  4. Athletics: Unfortunately, athletics will not be offered this fall, but we hope to incorporate athletics again soon!
All Four by Four options require pre-registration at the start of each trimester, and a fee will apply for registration. Snack will be served for all registered Four by Four students.
Clubs (and eventually Athletics) will be offered on specific days, and club options may change on a trimester basis. The Club guide can be found here for Fall 2021.
Recreation and Atelier require five-day registration (all regular school days, Monday–Friday) and allow students to freely choose between these two options as desired each day. Clubs (and Athletics) can be added on if desired to a Recreation / Atelier registration.
3:45pm to the End of the School Day for Middle School
3:45–4:00pm: Student dismissal and redirection to Extended Day options, snack served.
4:00–4:55pm: Clubs, Recreation, Atelier (Athletics, when applicable).
4:55–5:15pm: Dismissal from Extended Day.
We are unable to accommodate drop-in pick-ups for all Extended Day students; all pick-ups must occur during the 4:55–5:15pm time window unless written approval is granted by Extended Day admin.
Fall trimester 2021 Four by Four fees are due at time of registration. Payment plans are available at registration. All pricing is listed for one trimester only.
Five-day Recreation / Atelier: $600
Club Fees: $220.00 per club for Club registration only; $110.00 per club with five-day Recreation / Atelier registration (must apply discount code).
Club Registration Opens September 1 at 6pm and Closes September 9, 2021:
Registration for all grades in Extended Day programs must be done in advance using the online portal (click here). Middle School Extended Day registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and we will move to a waitlist as soon as a group is full.
The registration window for 5-Day Four by Four will be open from Friday, August 6, 2021 (noon), until Friday, August 27, 2021. Registration for some Clubs is now open (including Yearbook Club).
Late registrations may be considered as space allows on a case-by-case basis.


Stacy Chandler
Middle School Head
(206) 275-3533, Ext. 260
Ren Keller
Director of Extended Day and Summer Programs
(206) 275-3533, Ext. 273