The school is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, which ensures that the program aligns with French national objectives pedagogically, procedurally, and practically. Students who leave FASPS are able to attend accredited French schools in France or anywhere else in the world.

With careful and intentional harmonization, the school program also meets American curriculum standards, and is accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS). Thus, students leaving FASPS are well prepared for independent, international, and public schools world-wide.

Both the French and American curricula lay a groundwork of important academic skills and teach critical knowledge that sets our students on a strong academic trajectory. Though the sequencing sometimes differs between the two curricula, by the end of eighth grade our students have a comprehensive base in the core subjects that allows them excellent placement in high school. 
After completing our program, FASPS students are curious, diligent learners and thoughtful global citizens, able and willing to express and debate their points of view.
The entire school program at FASPS adheres to the belief that to “excel academically and thrive” requires an aptitude and appreciation for the arts; a balanced and healthy life style; and a sense of community, integrity, and excellence. For this reason, all students from YPK through Grade 8 participate in the arts (visual art, art history, music, and drama), physical education (motor skills, fitness, and swimming), and an expanding social and emotional learning program, which is further described below.


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For additional information, contact Stacy Chandler, Interim Middle School Head, at (206) 275-3533, ext. 260, or at

Social & Emotional Development

We also prioritize Social and Emotional Learning. This focus on soft skills equips all of our students with important life lessons and ways to conduct themselves to ensure they will be successful in life once they leave our school. We work with our students on a comprehensive program from YPK through Grade 8 in which we teach our students about the school's core values and we empower them to act wisely as global citizens. 

Concepts that we cover in our Social and Emotional Learning program include: 
  • Responsibility
  • Respecting rules, others, and the environment
  • Exchanging views, questioning, justifying a point of view, learning to self-assess
  • Sharing feelings and embracing differences
  • Building strong communities
  • Peer mediation


Across all grades and cycles, we take the time to differentiate each student within the class, as we believe that students with different learning styles, comprehension levels, and pedagogical needs must be engaged in the classroom in a customized manner. ‘Differentiation’ is a term used frequently at our school during teacher collaboration and at parent conferences. It is essential to our students’ success. At FASPS we strongly believe that every student is unique and needs to be challenged. We provide them with appropriate support and enrichment in collaboration with the parents, teachers, specialists, and administration. Excellent education is the result of an ongoing team effort where all stakeholders are involved.