FASPS Parent Committee (FPC)

Pâtisserie Sales

Pains au chocolat, croissants, brioches, oh my!
Monthly Pâtisserie Sales
The FPC Pâtisserie Committee coordinates sales of assorted baked goods to help support the Cultural Agility Fund, which enhances and expands beyond-the-classroom experiences, creating an education that is unique to FASPS. Last year, thanks to the baked goods donated by Le Fournil and the hard work of our bread sales and merchandise co-chairs, as well as all the parents who volunteered, the FPC was able to contribute net proceeds of over $22,000 to the Cultural Agility Fund.
This year, Pâtisserie Sales will take place the first Friday of each month, from dismissal to 4:30pm. There will be at least three additional sales this year: Kermesse, Winter Market, and an additional sale TBA in the winter/spring. Cash and credit cards will be accepted for purchases.
This year, all pastries and baked goods will be generously donated by FASPS parent Julien Hervet and his establishments L'Expérience Paris at Cépaé and Convivial Café. Convivial Café is located on Mercer Island and Cépaé is in Bellevue.
If you are interested in helping sell pastries at one of our sales, contact the Pâtisserie Committee at faspspatisserie@gmail.com.
The 2019-2020 Pâtisserie co-chairs are Sofia Brindle, Erin Huntress and Asmaa Watson.