Adult French Classes With the Alliance Française Are Here!
FASPS is proud to partner with the Alliance Française de Seattle to offer French language and culture classes to our community. Adult French at FASPS is taught by Alliance Française instructors, and our classes are open to the entire FASPS community: current and alumni parents and families, friends, and beyond! For the 2021–22 school year, all courses are taught virtually. 
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Spring Term Adult French Classes
Registration for spring term classes will open on March 7, 2022, at 12:00pm (click here). Classes begin the week of March 28, 2022. Registration closes on March 18, 2022, at 12:00pm. Late registrations are accepted on a case-by-case basis as space permits and may be subject to a late fee.
Classe Culture — Cross-cultural Course (Thursdays, 12:30–1:30pm)
No French required, and new topics are discussed each term! A survey of the geographical, historical, sociological, and artistic developments of everyday life in France and in the Francophone world. This course is taught in English and aims to create a space for conversation and discussion about elements of French and Francophone cultures and civilizations. Prerequisite: None
A1.1 General French for Real Beginners (Tuesdays, 4:00–5:00pm)
Continue your French journey with part 2 of the beginner’s level course. This class introduces the basics of French in a small group (maximum six students), online format. No textbook purchase required: excerpts and materials will be shared digitally with students. Prerequisite: A1.1 General French for Real Beginners part 1 (currently running Winter 2022) or a placement test result of A1.1.
A1.2 General French for Returning Beginners (Wednesdays, 9:30–10:30am)
A continuation of the General French A1 (Beginner) series. Students will learn to interact in a simple way, to ask and answer simple questions about themselves, and to initiate and respond to simple statements in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics. Maximum six students, online format. No textbook purchase required: excerpts and materials will be shared digitally with students. Prerequisite: Placement test result of A1.2 or completion of part 1 of the A1.2 course (currently running Winter 2022 course).

Adult French Classes FAQs

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I know which level of French is right for me?

    The Alliance Française requires all new students to take a placement test. The test can be found here and usually takes 10–20 minutes to complete, depending on your level.
    Most students will receive their results upon completion of the test. Some students may be asked to complete a brief interview with Alliance Française staff to determine their level, especially for more advanced students or those who are between levels.
    For questions, please email Dmitri at
  • I think my placement test result is incorrect. Can I take a different level class?

    To ensure a quality experience for all students, the Alliance Française is generally quite firm about students taking the level recommended by the placement test. This helps ensure that all students in a class are at about the same level, and no one feels too far ahead or behind their peers.
    If you have concerns about your placement result, please email Dmitri at to discuss your specific case.
  • What will I learn in the culture class? Who is this class aimed at?

    Classe culture is a discussion-based class taught in English. The goal of the class is to familiarize students with cultural topics and terms like food, geography, educational values, and more.
    Topics will vary each term, so you are welcome to take the class more than once, as the content will be different each time. It is not a sequential class, meaning that you can join the class in winter or spring trimester without having taken the fall trimester course.
    The class is open to anyone but was designed with FASPS’s new and non-Francophone families in mind to help them better understand the French cultural values that their students are learning at FASPS.
  • What do I do once I’ve taken the placement test? Do I need to email someone my results?

    We recommend you save your results for your records so you can be certain you are registering for the correct class.
    The Alliance Française receives your placement results directly and will share those results with FASPS to help us confirm your registration is correct.
    You do not need to email FASPS your results unless you have a question about them.
  • What if I don’t see my level of French offered?

    As a partner of the Alliance Française, FASPS community members are also able to take classes directly through the Alliance Française at the membership price! Click here to check out other levels of French language classes offered at the Alliance Française.

Contact Dmitri:

Dmitri Levine
Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs
(206) 275-3533, Ext. 276