Grade 3

Students complete their study of Native Americans with a visit to Tillicum Village on Blake Island for a day of the region’s history, art, and culture. Students make connections between the environment and different ways of life, both past and present. Lunch is a traditional salmon bake with storytelling. Students get to see and touch examples of Native American art including fishing weights and basketry, as well as full-sized totem poles. The field trip includes a dynamic performance by Coastal Salish tribes in full regalia on stage!

Grade 4

Students in this grade experience their first overnight field trip to IslandWood to solidify their environmental and community stewardship learning. This field trip at the beginning of the school year raises student’s sense of community, and challenges them to solve tasks related to energy conservation, composting, recycling, and harnessing alternative energy sources. They become the green champions of the school and are at the forefront of the sustainable development efforts at FASPS. 

Grade 5

Following months of studying French history and US social studies including the American Revolution, the support of France, and the concept of democracy and the Constitution, Grade 5 students spend a week touring Washington, DC, historic Jamestown, Yorktown, and Colonial Williamsburg on the east coast. During the trip, they visit museums, battle sites, and memorials as well as the National Archives to view the Consitution and Bill of Rights. As a result, when students move on to Middle School, they are not only well-prepared academically, but are socially and emotionally ready for this important transition.