In Cycle 3, students are expected to perform at a higher level of learning. Students in these grades spend 60-70% of their day engaging in French language activities and 30-40% of their time in English. Students use the skills they acquired in grades 1 and 2 to learn and master more content and information. At the same time, they develop the ability to express increasingly complex ideas. Students strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills as they learn to effectively collaborate with others. The harmonized curricula help students adopt a global perspective and gain knowledge of different cultures.
By the end of Cycle 3 students are equipped with the skills and confidence they need for success in Middle School.
This cycle specifically fulfills two goals: a continuation of essential learning skills and preparation for Middle School. The French and English curricula are carefully coordinated to ensure that these goals are met in all subjects, combining academic rigor and creativity. Music, performing arts and physical education enrich the challenging academic program.