Pre-Kindergarten: Integrating the Arts

Pre-kindergarten students study “the apple” in both languages and celebrate the unit with by making applesauce! In the fall, students sprout apple seeds and study gradient colors in art. They use their senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, feel) to describe the various types of apples and, as a class, chart the details of their findings.

Kindergarten Bilingual Project: Study of a Pumpkin

Kindergarteners work collaboratively to create a bilingual book which details the life cycle of a pumpkin. The unit occurs during the week of Halloween and involves math, science, art, and cooking and culminates in a guided exploration of a local pumpkin farm. Rather than dividing subjects between languages, the French and English curriculum teachers continue the study where it was left off in the previous class, asking students to “switch” to the new language where common vocabulary and structure is reinforced in both languages.