In the maternelle (YPK and PK) and kindergarten classes, children learn through play and open-ended activities, as well as structured instruction time. The structure of the program is based on five developmental areas:

  • Living in society
  • Language
  • Exploring the World (Math and Science)
  • Observing, Feeling, Imagining, Creating
  • Acting, Expressing, and Understanding through our bodies
Our goal is to guide our students in their development of motor, artistic, social, and language skills.
Building on these fundamentals, the elementary program provides a rigorous academic foundation in both English and French. The curriculum throughout the Lower School is child-centered and developmentally sequenced, and engages students in learning in an exciting and challenging manner.

It provides children with an education that meets their physiological, emotional and intellectual needs. The day and the environment are carefully thought out and various activities are planned with the attention span and developmental needs of the children in mind. French is the main language of instruction. However, the program is covered by both English and French teachers and enables the children to feel comfortable beginning their bilingual education.

Learning to be part of a community, focusing on tasks and simply enjoying school are important components of this program. As children progress through Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, they become increasingly comfortable in their bilingual world. In addition to core literacy and math skills, children are exposed to art, music and science as well as holidays and traditions unique to both French and American cultures. Upon the completion of Kindergarten, students are well-prepared to enter elementary school with the skills necessary for reading, written expression and mathematics in both French and English. Students enter the elementary program ready to learn with a strong understanding of fundamental academia, as well as independence and maturity needed for success in Grade One.