Flexible Learning Time in Grades 6-8

Flexible Learning Time Class Meets One Time / Week

Flexible learning time meets one class per week and is organized according to needs and interests each year. At times students attend mini-courses in mixed groups, while at others they are in specific grades. At times they choose their course, while at others the choice is directed by an advisor or an upcoming event.

Flexible Learning Time Classes Have Included:
  • ASSR (French Road Safety) Certification
  • China Trip Preparation
  • China Street Food
  • Chinese Lantern Making
  • Construis ta cite romaine
  • Costa Rica Trip Preparation
  • Cranberries & Compagnie (cooking)
  • Diagnostic Debrief (Math)
  • Equilibrer son alimentation
  • Exploring Language
  • FASPS News Reporter
  • France Trip Preparation
  • Geology Trip Preparation
  • Graduation Preparation
  • Halte aux Catastrophes!
  • Hispanic Crafts
  • Language Games
  • Les mots en folie
  • Lights! Camera! Action!
  • Mathematics of Genetics
  • Mayan Culture
  • Organizing Events at FASPS
  • Remediation en Maths
  • Science Fair Preparation
  • Snowflake Math
  • Space Invaders
  • Reussir en Science
  • Success in Spanish
  • Tai Chi
  • Typing