The French American School of Puget Sound offers a dual language curriculum in French and English that exposes students to the best of the French and American educational systems.

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For the French part of our program, we follow the same framework as all schools accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Coordination between the curricula in each language is carefully done.


The teachers at all grade levels work closely together to develop program content, plan curriculum themes and ideas, and determine student needs. They work diligently to coordinate in such a manner as to complement and reinforce one another's teaching content and style.

The structure of the Lower School (YPK-5) is based on the well defined model of the French Educational System:

Early Learning Cycle/ Cycle des Apprentissages Premiers

Young Pre-K, Pre-K & K/ Petite, Moyenne et Grande Sections

YPK and PK are part of “l’Ecole Maternelle”. It occupies a special place in Early Childhood Education and it is a school in itself in the French Educational System. It provides children with a program that meets their physiological, emotional and intellectual needs. The day and the environment are carefully organized to make certain that the different activities vary according to the attention span of the children and their developmental needs.

French is the primary language of instruction. A quarter of the time, an English teacher covers a program in English that enables the children to feel comfortable and begin their bilingual education in French and English.

Kindergarten is part of both Cycle 1 and Cycle 2, Early Learning Cycle and Basic Learning Cycle. Kindergarten prepares young students to enter Elementary school with the skills necessary for reading, writing expression and mathematics in both French and English. When students enter Grade 1, they have acquired the independence and maturity needed for success in our challenging dual language program.